James Higgins is a guitarist who has taken his love for music beyond simply learning to play an instrument; he also shares his passion with others, as an instructor.

In school, James first learned viola, followed by tenor saxophone and piano. However, what he had always really wanted was a guitar, and at fifteen years of age, he got his wish. For nearly three months, he spent his time learning every song of which he could think. Then, just after Christmas, he began taking lessons. A mere two weeks later, James surpassed his teacher and found it necessary to move on to a different instructor.

After playing for two and a half years, James took up teaching at Gadsden Music Co. He has now been there for over a decade, helping those with the drive to learn. Over the years, James has never stopped expanding his range of abilities. He is always working to better his skill, which has included attending the Atlanta Institute of Music, where his hands were rarely guitar-free, and tackling music pieces by such artists as prog-rock giants Dream Theater, as well as classical compositions by J.S. Bach.

James is primarily a rock guitarist, though he also has experience in the classical, jazz, and country genres. He is best known for his roles in the Alabama-based bands Unveil, Mother Pandora, and more recently, Body Shot. When not teaching others, James can typically be found performing, either acoustically or rocking it out with a full band.