Guitar Lessons

About The Lessons

Learning music, regardless of instrument, involves active engagement and discipline resulting in numerous benefits. Studies have shown that children who take music lessons show improvements in reading and math skills, enhanced fine motor skills, improved working and long-term memory, and better auditory memory and recognition amongst many other benefits.


I have been teaching guitar lessons in the Gadsden area since 1999. Your home or mine, I offer guitar lessons both in person and online through services such as Skype or Google Hangouts. In person lessons are taught in my home studio in the Gadsden area. My studio offers several advantages such as high-speed internet access and usage of all of my live performance and recording equipment. Online lessons offer an advantage of the student being able to take lessons without leaving their own home. This can be helpful for busy students/parents and out-of-area students.


Lessons are given in 30 minute sessions. Students/Parents may request an audition for hour long lessons should I have space available. This audition will be for me to evaluate the student’s abilities and see if they will be able to properly utilize the extra lesson time. For all lessons, I insist on a “meet & greet” with the student via either phone call or through an online chat through the afore mentioned Skype or Google Hangouts. This is to allow a chance to answer any questions the student or parents/guardians may have and to ensure the student will feel comfortable taking lessons from me. This is a no charge session.


The student is required to bring their own guitar, either electric or acoustic, and necessary playing materials such as guitar picks and lesson paperwork. I will expect students to keep a regular practice schedule during the week between lessons. Their expected practice amount will be based on their skill level and the material they are learning. When you are paying for a month of lessons, I prefer payment at the last lesson of the prior month. For example, you would pay for August guitar lessons on the last lesson of July. Regardless, all lessons must be paid for prior to the lesson taking place. I accept cash, check, credit/debit cards, and Paypal as payment forms to make payment easier on everyone.


Single Lesson – $18 per half hour
Bulk of Four (4) Lessons – $60 for half hour lessons
Hour Long Lessons will cost double the normal rates


Beginner Guitar Lessons

For beginner students, you need a teacher who can also act as a cheerleader of sorts. Beginners benefit from a supportive and encouraging learning environment. Beginner students will make mistakes and not know what direction they may want to go with the instrument. It is during this time I prefer to focus on a wide variety of basic guitar skills and let the student explore the guitar while learning songs they choose.

Intermediate Guitar Lessons

Intermediate students are best served by a true teacher. These students are in the prime position for correcting their bad habits and exploring new playing styles and musical genres to expand their musical background. It is also important to develop the student’s ability to pick out songs by ear at this stage.

Advanced Guitar Lessons

With advanced guitar students, my position becomes that of a coach. Advanced players already should have precise physical control of their playing and fair understanding of the instrument. These students need to be coached in how to refine their playing and to expand their overall knowledge of the instrument and music in general.


Special Topics

  • Digital Audio Recording Techniques using Garageband or Studio One
  • Microphone Techniques such as selection and placement
  • Songwriting and Composition
  • Music Theory and Soloing Concepts


Required Equipment

First off students will be required to have their own guitar for practicing at home. Now I know this seems obvious, but I have been asked on occasion if that was necessary. Both acoustic and electric guitars are acceptable and only affect the student’s learning process as far as the musical styles they wish to learn, and that acoustic guitars take more finger strength to play. I recommend that if you are in the Gadsden area, you should take the guitar to Gadsden Music Co. and allow for one of the techs to set it up for better playability.

The student will also be required to have guitar picks on hand unless they are studying classical guitar with me. A tuner will also be necessary for their usage at home, but in lessons I will assist in tuning their guitar. I provide custom lesson materials for the students and recommend a one-inch three-ring binder to keep the materials in. My students are also welcome to purchase and bring any additional books and materials they choose to.

Recommended Beginner Guitar Packages

Recommended Books